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2-in-1.., Woobi Plus + Face Shield

An integrated 2-in-1 solution for frontline medical professionals. Keeping them safe and keeping them protected.

In our ongoing efforts to make our masks more relevant in addressing the issues of shortages of Personal Protection Equipment, our product engineers have created a face shield that integrate seamless with our Woobi Plus. Woobi Plus is certified KN95 and meets the stringent standards of material usage and performance. Again, we can't highlight enough the superior performance of our Woobi mask. We are continuing our drive to do good.

The Woobi BIG difference: 1. The mask is made out of food-grade silicone so it's safe and it adapts to your face providing a better seal to make sure nothing gets in... 2. The air filter is designed in such a way that it has equivalent or even larger surface area than the disposable N95 masks. Larger surface area = More air coming into the mask = Better breathability 3. The adjustable straps are designed for different ways of wearing and with a flick of the finger, the masks comes off. Not to mention that you can hang in on your neck when not in use. 4. You are buying from a trusted brand that has been in the respiratory health space producing high-quality masks for the past 4 years. 5. We have won more international awards than any masks brand in the world. And we are into social good. Stay Well. Stay Healthy. The Airmotion Team

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