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Protection at the Highest Standards

Woobi Air Filter and its mask is tested* in entirety with equivalent results of the American N95 or European FFP2 performance (Test: GB2626 & Certification: KN95). The mask filters the following particles in the air you breathe:


• PM 0.3-10, dust and other air pollutants

• Pollen and other allergens

• Bacteria and other germs

• Wildfire smoke & cigarettes


* The correct way to verify if a mask is really up to its task to protect its wearer is to have the mask and its air filter tested together an entire whole unit. To us, getting it right from the very start and be precise at what we can deliver is what makes our masks stand out. When it comes to your health, we take it seriously.



    Woobi Air Filters features an innovative micro-HEPA air filter system that makes breathing easier and better. By folding the air filter into many folds, we had literally increased the breathing surface area that translate to a better breathing experience. Woobi Air Filters offer ursurpassed protection that puts it as one of the most reliable mask in its category.


    We offer free next day delivery only for Singapore orders above USD50. Otherwise, it's a flat fee of USD5 for each item. Please note that our free shipping does not include potential customs, VAT or remote area charges that a shipping provider might require.


    • 4 Woobi Air Filters
    • Each individually wrapped for hygiene and storage

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