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Every other big boys in the snow industry converged in Denver for a good cause. To inform, to sell and to hype the hype. That's where all things good did happen for us. Some skeptical, some curious and some perplexed.

To be able to grasp what we had done would mean you have to live past history and think ahead without regards to your age. This is what we do best at innovation and taking our competition for a ride.

We don't expect everyone to understand completely what we do. And if you do believe what we had done before, this is just beyond your imagination.

Denver is somewhat prepared for our appearance. Those who aren't are merely making an excuse to move on with life. Whatever it is, we made it there and we made our point. Innovation is not all about high-tech and gimmicks. For us, it's simply designed and built in a low-tech way. There is no reason to deny goodness. We are the mavericks disrupting the status quo. Normal is abnormal to us.

Are you really ready for the next winter?

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