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From Kites to Cars: Tackling Air Pollution with Design

A special fature on Google Arts and Culture Platform - Weird and wonderful solutions to improve our global air quality

Launched today, Once Upon a Try is the largest online exhibition about inventions and discoveries ever curated. Collections, stories and knowledge from over 110 renowned institutions across 23 countries, including INDEX, are brought together to highlight millennia of major breakthroughs. INDEX has curated 13 exhibitions providing an insightful glimpse into our design archive of more than 6,000 solutions. The exhibitions feature a wide array of people and projects, from the biennale's debut in 2005 to the last cycle in 2017. We share the personal stories behind some of the most ingenious ideas and showcase a wide variety of dynamic designs: from tiny tools that diagnose disease to environmental moonshots saving our seas. Notable exhibitions include 'Eye-opening innovations that started with “Aha!”', 'Performing miracles - the past and future of prosthetics' and much, much more. We're thrilled to share these amazing stories with such a large global audience. And, that our amazing alumni are commemorated, and immortalised in the history books, alongside some of the world's most iconic pioneers in design, innovation and science.

Our heartfelt thanks to INDEX: Design to Improve Life®


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